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Top data scientists and industry veterans have teamed up to give you the highest-quality insight, using the world’s most sophisticated technology, for bottom-line results

How We’re Different

SymphonyAI Media is the result of two companies that joined forces to solve a major problem in media and entertainment: You need world-class data intelligence, but can’t find enterprise-grade AI that works seamlessly in our unique industry environment.

Our solutions uniquely combine decades of industry experience as Media Audits International (as we were previously known) and patented technology from SymphonyAI (our parent company) to deliver the precise insights that drive profitable revenue for media and entertainment companies like yours.

Challenges We Solve

If you’re dealing with any of these frustrations, you’re exactly who we have in mind as we continue to deliver innovative AI solutions that keep our clients at the forefront of the media and entertainment industry.

Legacy systems you’ve long outgrown

They’re reliable, familiar, and cheap. But what you gain in convenience, you lose in functionality. You’re hurting for features that can help you analyze new data, adapt to business changes, or meet demands to do more with less.

One-trick software that doesn’t integrate

It does one thing well, but that’s where the benefits stop – like an audience engagement platform that won’t talk to your CRM or a billing system that can’t automatically ingest distributor data. More manual work, less actionable insight.

Enterprise AI that wasn’t built for M&E

You invested in top-shelf, brand-name AI. Then the unpleasant surprises began. It’s impossible for half the team to use, it needs extensive customization, it can’t analyze crucial data like deal clauses or subscriber records.

Custom solutions with
declining ROI

When your company couldn’t find the right tool to solve a problem, it built one. But investing in new features and upgrades require more resources than expected. It’s distracting key players, delaying workflows, and obstructing business.

Data that doesn’t
deliver results

You’re flush with data, but short on insight. Whether it’s internal specialists with little time to spare, software that’s not very powerful, or the inability to manage and analyze it all, you know your data could be working harder than it is.

Be First in Line for the Future of Media and Entertainment

Artificial intelligence is solving harder problems every day – in research labs. We’re here to put that cutting-edge technology in your hands.

To compete in this business, you need better data intelligence. To win, you need the best. That’s why we are 100% dedicated to building the best enterprise AI platform for media and entertainment, powered by the latest technology breakthroughs.

Gain insight into the most important aspects of your business through our easy-to-use SaaS platform. No need to overpay for the waste that comes from products that were never meant to solve your unique challenges.

What if you could automatically know, even predict, everything there is to know about your customers, content, and finances?

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SymphonyAI Media is the leading provider of revenue optimization solutions in media and entertainment. Together with our clients, we are transforming enterprise intelligence.


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