Revedia for Legal and Compliance

Discover a smarter solution to your licensing agreement, audit, and distribution partner challenges.

Protect Your Content

Licensed media comes with its own set of rules: multiple platforms, complex deal terms, and contract negotiations that go sideways an hour before  execution. It’s enough to make anyone want to develop a proprietary software solution that handles it all. So we did.

Legal and compliance teams leverage the Revedia SaaS platform to bring sanity to content licensing workflows. It’s built to make distributor management easier at every step, from deal approvals to post-audit resolution. Free yourself from the administrative hassle of managing your rights and focus on protecting them instead.


Revedia Benefits for Legal and Compliance

Save Hours a Day

Offload time-consuming tasks like rate upload onto a single, secure, and powerful platform with intelligent automation.

Keep Distributors Accountable

Don’t risk revenue leakage due to human error. Revedia intelligently flags anomalies so you can review potential compliance issues.

Analyze Agreements

Call off the search. Revedia makes finding up-to-date clauses, terms, and keywords a breeze across all your licensing agreements.

Negotiate to Win

Revedia gives you a record of agreement compliance and audit results to leverage in deal negotiations.

Collaborate Anywhere

Give your team access to remotely view, comment on, and approve licensing agreements for a whole new level of collaboration.

Control Versioning

Make sure everyone is looking at the same agreement document (the right one) and save previous versions for reference.

Secure Your Documents

Control who can view which agreements at any moment with granular user-based privileges in a secure cloud environment.

Herd the Stakeholders

Revedia integrates your agreement information with relevant financial and content data to streamline cross-functional operations.

Beat That Deadline

Receive automatic notifications of key dates so you don’t miss renewals, claim windows, and other critical events.

Discover the benefits of switching to Revedia

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Challenges We Solve

The demands on legal and compliance teams are increasing: manage risk, avoid disputes, resolve disputes, take distributors to task, dispense strategic guidance, and – by the way – can you clarify these five urgent contract terms for the executive team’s immediate review?

Time is of the essence, but error comes at a high cost. And it’s on your team to protect the company’s content investment. You can’t afford to waste a moment of your day or let a single detail slip through the cracks.

Contract Administration

If you multiply your revenue share for each unique agreement by the number of assets you’re licensing per distribution partner, how many hours distinct are left in the day? Exactly.

Complex Agreements

Proliferating platforms, distribution strategies, and revenue models are complicating the complicated. Deal terms are becoming more nuanced and less standardized as the industry evolves.

Outdated Tools

Just when you thought you had the perfect system in place, business needs change. You have to quickly revamp your whole process and upgrade legacy technology without compromising projects in flight.

New Skill Requirements

Legal and compliance professionals aren’t usually trained in data analytics or software implementation, but often bear the responsibility of integrating new skills and technology as the business demands.

Lack of Transparency

Your team spends untold hours validating the accuracy of self-reported distributor data, resolving audit discrepancies, and determining if OTTFlix is correctly interpreting the latest agreement. That’s a lot of data to parse through.

Limited Insight

Even the world’s best compliance analyst can’t deliver useful insight without relevant data. But it’s scattered across dozens of systems. Forget acting on data; you’re just trying to find it. Who can make good decisions under those circumstances?

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