Revedia for Finance and Accounting

Triple your efficiency, boost your bottom line, and get the insight you want. All with the data you already have.

Simplify the Complicated

Excel was released in 1984. It’s brought us a long way, but media and entertainment data has become way too complex to manage using desktop spreadsheets (and overworked analysts).

Finance and accounting teams leverage the Revedia SaaS platform to conquer data chaos and streamline everyday operations. With extra time in your week and insight at your fingertips, you can deploy resources more efficiently and focus on strategically maximizing financial performance.


Revedia Benefits for Finance and Accounting

Have It All

From agreement management to forecasting, Revedia automates your entire distribution revenue lifecycle on one platform.

Dramatically Boost Efficiency

Teams that switch to Revedia report a 3x efficiency gain and 40% time savings, and it’s easy to get up and running.

Expedite Accounting Close

Automate recurring tasks like month-end and quarter-end close that normally consume hours – or even days – of labor.

Gain Strategic Insight

Instantly understand distributor and business performance with sophisticated modeling and analysis.

Slash Your Opex

Stop spending precious time and money on processes that don’t scale or accommodate complex data.

Give Your Team a Break

Revedia is user-friendly, so you don’t lose productivity to the training, troubleshooting, and morale drain of legacy systems.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Revedia helps you avoid, catch, and correct errors that humans naturally miss, so you can trust the accuracy of your data.

Report Everything Better

Give financial transparency to your management team and other stakeholders with ready-made, custom, and visual reports.

Improve Cash Flow

Maintain visibility into real-time and projected costs, revenue, and profitability so you can make smart resourcing decisions.

Conquer Big Data

Spend less time standardizing data and more time making data-driven decisions, thanks to automated data normalization.

Lean on Experts

Our managed services division is staffed by experts ready to take on the heavy lifting and painful tasks you don’t have time for.

Discover the benefits of switching to Revedia

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Challenges We Solve

Media finance and accounting teams have been woefully underserved by software. They’re saddled with “solutions” that were either made for other industries (too generic), developed 10 years ago (too outdated), or built in-house (too time-consuming). You’re stuck spending valuable resources to string together cumbersome desktop tools that won’t talk to each other.

After more than 30 years working with teams like yours, we felt the same pain. So we built the Revedia platform to make it easier for your team to do – and even enjoy – the important work you do to hold the organization together.

Too Much Data

Distributor reports. Cash flow. Housing starts. Ratings. Valuable data points are everywhere, but it’s impossible to capture that value if you can’t aggregate and analyze it all in a format that everyone can use.

Not Enough Time

Business is moving faster, and you’re under pressure to do more with less. Suddenly you have twice the distributors, revenue streams, reports, and data to manage with the same number of resources you had last year.

Resource Constraints

Demands to produce more and spend less are unrelenting. Costs add up quickly when you’re trying to ingest, analyze, model, and visualize data on top of your everyday financial management tasks. Eventually, something has to give.

Evolving Business Models

Whether it’s a direct-to-consumer app or an emerging revenue model, there’s always something new to incorporate into the workflows that were working fine just last month. Your team has to be prepared for change at any moment, and needs tools to adapt on the fly.

Growing Expectations

Finance leaders are expected to bring a whole new skill set to the table these days, from predictive forecasting to real-time data analysis. But few can afford to hire the skilled workforce it takes to deliver on those expectations as quickly as you need to.

Delayed Decision-Making

Strategic work like revenue forecasting is painful without the right tools. If you’re worried about trying to upgrade the mainframe you use to store data or track down this quarter’s revenue share numbers, how can you plan for the future?

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