Revedia for IT and Data Operations

Finally, a SaaS solution purpose-made to fit seamlessly into your environment.

A Sigh of Relief

Integrating new software into existing tech stacks and workflows is often an uphill battle. What other teams call a “solution” is nothing but a problem for you: data mapping, messy integrations, and poor usability can easily become burdens on your team for years to come.

The Revedia platform is built with data operations and IT in mind from the start. We know that software is only as valuable as your ability to effortlessly deploy, maintain, and scale it. That’s why we developed a lightweight SaaS solution that’s tailored to the unique data environment of media and entertainment companies just like yours.      


Revedia Benefits for IT and Data Operations

Normalize Messy Data

Diverse data formats, fields, and standards are no match for Revedia’s automated data normalization and mapping capabilities.

Use Resources Wisely

Data teams spend almost half their time preparing data for analysis, but our powerful automation frees up your team to do more valuable work.

Analyze Everything

Data lakes and warehouses overflowing with data you can’t analyze? Revedia will ingest, process, and transform every last byte into rich insight.

Protect Your Data

Enterprise security. Data encryption. SOC compliance. We’ve thought of everything that could keep you up at night, so that it won’t.

Integrate Painlessly

Revedia plays well other systems through robust APIs and native integrations so you don’t have to disrupt whatever is in place today.

Future-Proof Your Business

Software can quickly become obsolete, but our continuous upgrades keep you on the cutting edge of the industry.

Flex Those AI Muscles

Go ahead and leverage the power of world-class AI. It’s built right into the Revedia platform.

All Star Support

Forget troubleshooting and user training. Our top-rated managed services team has you covered, so you can focus on more pressing issues.

Deploy without Delay

Our thoughtful implementation process has been battle-tested and proven in the world’s top media organizations.

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Challenges We Solve

IT and data operations teams are getting crushed under the weight of data. You’re trying to govern, standardize, analyze, and monetize an exponentially increasing amount of it across more silos than an industrial grain mill.

More data means more technology to manage it. Not only do you have to select the best tools; you have to make sure they talk to each other. While you’re just trying to create order in the chaos, everyone in the organization is asking for better insight. And your team is on the hook to make it a reality.

Unfit Technology

Media and entertainment business models, workflows, and data structures are nuanced. Solutions that work flawlessly for other industries have to be extensively customized to deliver the ROI you’re expecting.

Proprietary Systems

Systems that were developed internally work great – for a little while. Then they get so cumbersome, expensive, and embedded that it’s hard to recognize (or admit) how irrelevant they’ve become.

Disjointed Operations

The head of legal needs finance data to validate the distribution team’s strategy, but BI is backed up. All eyes are on you to get the data flowing. It’s a manual, time-consuming process that diverts resources from critical work.

Low Quality Insight

Data-driven decision-making is top of the executive agenda. But if you can’t adequately analyze all the relevant data points, you’ll never know if you’re making decisions based on the right inputs (or just the data that your current systems could process).

Manual Analysis

If you don’t have the technology required to quickly answer critical business questions, you’re relying on people. And even the smartest people can’t process data with the speed, scale, and precision required in the fast-moving media universe.

Technical Skill Gap

In most organizations, large numbers of business users rely on a small number of technical experts. Software and automation can fill the gap, but only if they’re user-friendly. More often than not, they aren’t.

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