Revedia for Content and Licensing

It’s never been easier to grow your licensed content distribution revenue.

Deal Smarter

If you want to accelerate growth, you need to find the right opportunities (before your competition). Should you negotiate higher rates? Expand your audience? Change your revenue model? Your data can tell you – if only you understand what it’s saying.

Content licensing and distribution teams use the Revedia SaaS platform to power sales with data-driven insight. Dig deep into every platform, distributor, and title to find out what’s powering your profits, and what’s dragging them down.


Revedia Benefits for Content and Licensing

Close the Deal

Enter every negotiation with the data you need to back up the pricing, terms, and rights you’re looking to secure.

Predict Demand

Revedia crunches the numbers to forecast which titles will perform best so you can select the right partners, platforms, and audiences.

Track Content ROI

Precisely measure the revenue generated by your entire library and use your intel to optimize distribution strategy.

Collect Your Dues

Ensure that distributors are paying in full with AI-powered revenue analysis and anomaly detection.

Grow Your Audience

Understand how different audience segments and regions respond to genres, series, and even talent to uncover new markets.

Work Faster

All your data on one platform means you spend less time looking for up-to-date revenue intelligence (or that one person who can provide it).

Streamline Contracts

Sort, search, and compare contracts in a snap whenever you need that key piece of information right away.

Manage Your Rights

Automatic notifications in advance of key events, renewal dates, and windows give you plenty of time to prepare a strategy.

M&A the Smart Way

If the time comes to buy or sell, you’ll know the precise value of your content to drive the best investment decisions.

Discover the benefits of switching to Revedia

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Challenges We Solve

Licensing strategy is getting harder. You’re managing more distributors, more complicated deals, and more monetization models every day. Sales targets are getting more aggressive, and your job is to achieve them. All without missing a beat.

The data you have access to is becoming just as important to revenue growth as distributor relationships and content quality. The most successful content owners have a secret weapon: technology that’s smart enough to handle the complexity of modern licensing, so teams can focus on landing the best deals.

Content Arms Race

You’re competing against deep-pocketed studios and streaming platforms to convince buyers that what you’re offering is what audiences want most. You have two options: outspend your competitors, or outsmart them.

Distribution Complexity

FAST, SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, EST, and other emerging models each come with new deal terms, revenue shares, and processes. There’s a lot to negotiate, manage, and measure before you can claim victory over the bottom line.

Lost Revenue

Over 80% of content buyers under-report and under-pay content owners, but losses are often invisible. Without rigorous oversight, how do you know if you’re missing out on revenue — or how much you’re missing out on?

Contract Chaos

Keeping agreements sorted is daunting when your MSA is a decade old, your contract was renewed last year, and you’ve amended it three times since then (and that’s just for a single partner). Especially when you can’t remember which file folder is the most up-to-date.

Weak Tech

You have zero time to waste on legacy software that doesn’t get the job done, but most of the tools out there today are just that. And this is one industry that isn’t going to sit around and wait for your internal systems to catch up.

Lack of Data Standards

Tracking revenue and availabilities per title is nearly impossible when you’re dealing with multiple, non-standardized metadata and content IDs. Unless, of course, you are a literal machine trained to do just that.

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