Distribution models are complex: royalties, Pay TV, FAST, SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, EST and more. Whether you license content one way or every which way, Revedia is ready to revolutionize your revenue workflows.

Hybrid Distribution

Handle your OTT and OTA revenue streams all in one place

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Digital Distribution

Know how your content performs across every streaming platform

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Linear Distribution

Manage MVPD payments, reverse compensation, and compliance

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Revenue Management Use Cases

Wherever your business is going, Revedia gives you the data to make your best decisions along the way.

Cash Flow Management
New Distribution Model
Content Valuation
Licensing Negotiation
Compliance Tracking
Partner Data Normalization

“The data aggregated by and through SymphonyAI Media’s outsourced service was foundational in developing a sophisticated capability to analyze retransmission revenue all while offloading the heavy volume of laborious, lower-value processing work.”

John Robertson, Vice President of Distribution, Hearst

“Hiring SymphonyAI Media to manage our affiliate finance operations allowed for us to seamlessly manage several seminal events in our company’s history. We moved our financial operations to another location across the country and we have undertaken several programming acquisitions. SymphonyAI Media allowed us to manage these events with no interruption in quality of reporting and department productivity.”

Steve Smith, Executive Vice President, Outdoor Channel

“SymphonyAI Media constantly helps NBCU create new ways to more efficiently and effectively manage our operations. The OTT program is another example of the leadership and innovation that make SymphonyAI Media a key strategic partner in capturing value and positioning us for future success.”

Steve Grau, Vice President, Finance & Content Distribution, NBCUniversal

“SymphonyAI Media definitely qualifies as a partner with Scripps. SMAI’s continued support helps us manage our business more efficiently and their willingness to partner with us on developing the reports has been a great benefit to our company.”

Alison Young, Senior Director of Accounting Operations, E.W. Scripps

“Our decision to transition over to SymphonyAI Media’s Revedia Revenue Management SaaS solution has proven wise not only from a data quality and visibility perspective, but also a cost perspective. We have reduced software licensing and IT costs and eliminated the headache of having to manage a software solution on our network.”

Aries Massaro, Director, Network Distribution, NFL

“SymphonyAI Media is a trusted advisor to our team. They have been a great partner in collecting and tracking key components of our revenue stream. Their software platform, reporting, and team members have been exceptional.”

Roger Williams, Accounting Service Center Manager, Allen Media Broadcasting

“In today’s media landscape, context is king. It’s one thing to apply AI algorithms to problems but what the market needs is real-time behavioral analysis and prescriptive recommendations that make a measurable difference to providers seeking customer engagement at scale and SymphonyAI Media provides just that.”

Mukul Krishna, Head of Digital Media Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Revenue Management

Distribution Capabilities

Hybrid Distribution
Digital Distribution
Linear Distribution
  • Workflow Automation
    Manage Revenue Efficiently

    Anyone who manages licensing revenue is eager to boost efficiency and cut overhead. If you’re counting on Excel and an assortment of other systems to get the job done, you’ll spend more time toggling between tools and connecting data than you do analyzing, reporting, and making business decisions.

    Ready to cut the waste once and for all? Unlike legacy revenue management solutions, Revedia is all-in-one SaaS platform that can handle the complex data and calculations of modern media. With your repetitive tasks on autopilot, every team involved in licensing can focus on strategic work – instead of the pesky backlog that grows every time you turn around.

    • Instantly verify revenue data including payments, subscriber counts, content views, and transactions
    • Calculate what you’re owed from royalties and revenue shares and submit payments for what you owe licensing partners
    • Discover hidden sources of revenue leakage: underpayments, miscalculations, inaccurate distributor reports, and errors
    • Trigger reminders and schedule actions based on your unique accounting cycles, payment terms, account aging, and more
    • Automate billing and invoicing, payment processing, and collections. Taxes and multiple currencies are built in
    • Integrate Revedia with your general ledger, CRM, and other systems so your data stays current and consistent
  • Reporting
    Better Insight Is a Click Away

    How much easier would life be if you could generate reports right away, instead of days from now? What would you do with an extra 25 hours back in your week? What if you could answer business questions right now, instead of asking executives to hold a few days while the team runs a new model?

    Revedia aggregates all the data sources you use to track financial performance in a central cloud location. Then, it intelligently transforms your raw input into filterable, visual, shareable reports that tell you – and the people you’re accountable to – what’s really going on in the business. Automatically. Leverage our premade templates developed by licensing revenue experts who spent years in your shoes. Or create (and save) custom reports to use again and again.

    • Present your data like a pro with persona-based reports, executive summaries, dashboards, and dynamic visualizations
    • Run instant accounting reports 24/7 including cash, accruals, aging, accounting close, reconciliation, and payments
    • Filter and sort, slice and dice, compare and contrast by distributor, date, title, series, promotional period, and every granular detail
    • Easily run point-in-time, historic, comparative, and trend analysis and project future revenue with powerful forecasting
    • Real-time adjustments for rates, subscriber counts, and changing variables are automatically reflected in your reports

  • Agreement Management
    Take Charge of Your Rights

    Distributor performance should never be left to guesswork, but it often is. You have to track down the latest agreement cause and enter every unique term into every system your team relies on. Multiply that by the number of agreements you manage. Who has time left to closely monitor compliance?

    No other software offers the robust agreement management capabilities of Revedia. It goes way beyond basic document storage to deliver continuous, automatic transparency into distributor performance. It’s thoughtfully designed to improve every aspect of agreement management, from understanding content rights to giving you ready access to data that helps you negotiate the best deal.

    • Securely store, remotely access, and control who can view your agreement documents anytime, anywhere
    • Search for keywords, key contacts, and key dates within agreements and clauses, and compare multiple documents
    • Keep every team involved in licensing agreements organized and up-to-date with document version control
    • Receive automated notifications in advance of rights windows, renewal dates, and important events
    • Expedite approvals and improve visibility for stakeholders from with automated contract review and signoff
    • Auto-populate the entire Revedia platform with rates and terms to dramatically speed up every related workflow
    • Start small by ingesting your active agreements or go big and upload all your historic documents into the Revedia platform
    Agreement Management Product Guide
  • Content Performance Tracking
    Know what every title in your library is worth (or could be)

    Precisely measuring the value of every asset you license can seem daunting. Trends like multi-platform distribution and bundled pricing make it even harder. Given the resources it takes to analyze a single asset, valuating an entire series, genre, or any other grouping you define seems out of reach.

    Revedia’s content performance tracking capabilities are what every digital distributor needs today: powerful, easy, and ready to answer your toughest questions. How is my content performing? What’s the optimal release window? How much leverage do I have in this deal? Before long, you’ll only have one question left: How did we ever do this manually?

    • Track transactions with ease including TVOD, EST, royalties, and revenue splits – even complex rates and variable fees
    • Measure demand and ROI for your library by factors like series, title, platform, territory, time period, and views
    • Unify content data and metadata, even if you have multiple content IDs or versions per asset, platform, or region
    • Identify new audiences, distribution platforms, and markets for unreleased and back catalog assets
    • Make smarter, faster content investment and distribution strategy decisions
    Revenue Management Product Guide
  • Signal Management
    Remotely Manage Headend

    Relying on your network operations center and other on-premise resources to authorize signals can get cumbersome when you’re dealing with launches, drops, blackouts, piracy, and live feeds. Linear content providers require greater flexibility to control signal access immediately during any planned or unplanned event.

    Revedia gives you the power to track and manage receivers remotely from anywhere in the world through a robust, secure cloud platform. Control access when it’s most important, and manage any number of signals with scale and confidence.

    • Power receivers on and off for rapid authorization and deauthorization
    • Automate inventory management and set access control parameters by region/DMA, affiliate, and other criteria you define
    • Maintain a referenceable record of IRD and headend data, subscriber numbers, service levels, and key contacts
    • Redundant architecture prevents signal drops and misauthorizations due to a single point of failure
    • Integrate NOC, carriage, subscriber, and agreement data for complete visibility at all times
    Revenue Management Product Guide

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