Revedia is reinventing how audits get done in the modern age of content licensing. Now you can automatically ingest, search, and analyze all the data sources you need to efficiently conduct and collect on audits. Powerful automation takes the pain out of complex workflows and agreements, so you can invest time in getting the most value out of every distribution partner.

Audit Management Use Cases

From negotiating audit clauses to post-audit resolution, Revedia is the easiest path to distributor accountability.

Revenue Verification
Compliance Tracking
Findings Verification
Claims Management
Revenue Collection
Post-Audit Resolution
Data-Driven Negotiation

“The data aggregated by and through SymphonyAI Media’s outsourced service was foundational in developing a sophisticated capability to analyze retransmission revenue all while offloading the heavy volume of laborious, lower-value processing work.”

John Robertson, Vice President of Distribution, Hearst

“Hiring SymphonyAI Media to manage our affiliate finance operations allowed for us to seamlessly manage several seminal events in our company’s history. We moved our financial operations to another location across the country and we have undertaken several programming acquisitions. SymphonyAI Media allowed us to manage these events with no interruption in quality of reporting and department productivity.”

Steve Smith, Executive Vice President, Outdoor Channel

“SymphonyAI Media constantly helps NBCU create new ways to more efficiently and effectively manage our operations. The OTT program is another example of the leadership and innovation that make SymphonyAI Media a key strategic partner in capturing value and positioning us for future success.”

Steve Grau, Vice President, Finance & Content Distribution, NBCUniversal

“SymphonyAI Media definitely qualifies as a partner with Scripps. SMAI’s continued support helps us manage our business more efficiently and their willingness to partner with us on developing the reports has been a great benefit to our company.”

Alison Young, Senior Director of Accounting Operations, E.W. Scripps

“Our decision to transition over to SymphonyAI Media’s Revedia Revenue Management SaaS solution has proven wise not only from a data quality and visibility perspective, but also a cost perspective. We have reduced software licensing and IT costs and eliminated the headache of having to manage a software solution on our network.”

Aries Massaro, Director, Network Distribution, NFL

“SymphonyAI Media is a trusted advisor to our team. They have been a great partner in collecting and tracking key components of our revenue stream. Their software platform, reporting, and team members have been exceptional.”

Roger Williams, Accounting Service Center Manager, Allen Media Broadcasting

“In today’s media landscape, context is king. It’s one thing to apply AI algorithms to problems but what the market needs is real-time behavioral analysis and prescriptive recommendations that make a measurable difference to providers seeking customer engagement at scale and SymphonyAI Media provides just that.”

Mukul Krishna, Head of Digital Media Practice, Frost & Sullivan


Audit Management Capabilities

  • Data Analysis
    Go Right to the Source

    Audits are a slog. You have to search agreements and reports, track key dates, review financial records, and coordinate with multiple stakeholders.

    It often leaves content owners wondering whether some audits are even worth the time it takes to complete them.

    The simple task of collecting accurate revenue shouldn’t require such complex calculus. That’s why Revedia centralizes relevant data and documents on a single application where every stakeholder can find what they need.

    • Access your reports, data, and associated documents any time on a secure, user-friendly platform
    • Control access to the information you store on Revedia with user-based permissions
    • Access detailed subscriber and financial data for any distributor you select in a single system
    • Identify trigger dates to better manage claim windows, renewal cycles, and key events
    • View source data to support financial and non-financial material variances in contract terms, fees, subscriber reports, and transactions
    • Analyze audit results in the context of overall revenue performance within the same application
    Audit Management Product Guide
  • Audit Reporting
    Turn Results into Action

    Revedia gives you 24/7 secure cloud access to key audit insights, putting the information you need in the convenient formats you want. With supporting financial, contractual, and historic documentation all in one place, you can resolve issues and reconcile revenue faster than you knew was possible.

    • Maintain a single source of truth for audit trails and logging
    • Tag reports and notate results to determine escalation protocol
    • Compare audit variances and compliance across multiple distributors
    • Segment audit reports by factors such as findings and variance types
    • Quantify audit insights to drive more value to your organization
    • Search, compare, and export audit result data
    • Quickly reference findings to inform future agreement negotiations
    • Centralize documentation for faster revenue verification and reconciliation
    • Readily collaborate with stakeholders in other departments
    Audit Management Product Guide
  • Mixed Revenue Models
    OTT, OTA, and Everywhere Between

    No two agreements are the same, and that’s especially true for content owners distributing to multiple platforms. But the staggering variety of linear and digital platforms, monetization strategies, and revenue sharing agreements shouldn’t mean a staggering number of processes, systems, and data wrangling to audit them all. Breathe easy; Revedia can support current and future revenue models as your business needs evolve.

    • FAST
    • IPTV
    • Broadcast
    • Cable
    • Satellite
    • Theatrical
    Audit Management Product Guide

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