Winning Strategies for AVOD, SVOD, & Other Platforms



So I think it kind of depends on the relationship or dynamic you have with each platform. So if it’s a subscription platform that is your own DIC platform, you’re going to have the world’s your oyster, right? You’re going to have access to a ton of data, your licensing content out to an VOD provider and receiving reports back. And this is similar to a lot as well. You know, your relationship to the data is going to be different, right? Because you’re going to be receiving data from your different relate. The content owners are going to receive data from the different Avon providers or the different as VOD providers they have out there. That data is going to be coming in different frequencies. Also, the sheer volume of that data, it’s going to vary with some of the kind of Avatar fast providers out there, and they might give upwards of five data fields of information. Others will give 30 data fields of information. So this is where it kind of gets a little complex, because when you have that type of model and you don’t have your direct to consumer app and managing all the data yourself, not only do you have to take all that data and normalize it and a system to make sense of it wrapped around your kpis, that in and of itself is really, really challenging to do. So you got to be able to do that and then have your action plans against all of that data and barriers. Right with spending on the relationship with the companies, with their content.