Using AI to Shape Content Acquisition Strategies



I’ll give a real world example here, I’m a fan of the American actor Bob odenkirk, so me right as American, I know Bob Odenkirk from the 90s as one of the founders of the show, Mr show, and as a member of Saturday Night Live is a comedian. But there is a whole wider audience internationally that know him from his role as the kind of weird, fidgety lawyer in Breaking Bad. And then the spin off series better Call Saul. And so his team use tools to analyze, write the type of successful movies. Right that were at an international scale. And then his specific audience. Right for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. They had no clue the international audience of his prior kind of comedic background and experience. And so he created this movie called nobody, and it was just launched about a month ago, premium video-on-demand people. So it’s in the theaters. Right and I actually rented it in Washington. And I couldn’t believe it because here was this comedian that was in a Liam Neeson taken style, one man versus the world and a show. And it was awesome and it totally worked. I worked for me because I’m just a fan of Bob Odenkirk. But again, the global kind of audience there, none the wiser. Now, again, it’s all about the data and tools that enable them to make that decision that this was going to be a profitable decision. Right, to be able to create this movie and have a high likelihood of being successful.