The Top D2C Service Provider Challenges in OTT Video




So what are some of the challenges that providers have to think about as they stand these services up and continue to operate them? Well, first there’s a positive one, not necessarily a challenge, but it’s something you want to keep in motion is revenue growth. DTC revenue as a whole have been growing industry wide and a very healthy way. But we talked earlier about the massive hit or, you know, the audience really identifying with piece of content a library that requires rapid scaling. So run that business and operate it in a software driven kind of way where your infrastructure is elastic. So that you can expand and contract as demand changes. And then think about the tools that you use in that workflow, so instead of disparate siloed tools where your operations team is having to go from tab to tab solution, the solution copying and pasting as they go. These are barriers to growth and expansion where you’re not leveraging your resources in the most optimal way. So think about unified and centralized tools that you can use to manage a new operating model and think of things a little differently than maybe you had before. Or maybe this is Greenfield agreements. If you have done business in distribution previous to running Adidas service, you’re certainly going to find that those agreements are going to change a great deal from the traditional distribution model into B2C terms, terminologies, time frames. So be prepared to go through that very carefully and understand what you’re agreeing to provide and what you’re agreeing to license with the companies that you’re getting in the business with. And then lastly, the data. We talked earlier about the difference in this data from a traditional distribution to a DBC workflow. But data as a whole. In this DTC space can be very overwhelming for some organizations. Large organizations maybe not so much, but but small and medium and large. The amount of sheer data coming from these systems into a dashboard that you’re going to want to look at. So you can manage your business in a healthy way, can be overwhelming and unmanageable. So think about the tools and the technologies you’re going to use to leverage that data and how you parse it.