Strategies that Convert AVOD Viewers to Paying Subscribers



So I think we’re seeing a lot of different approaches, so, you know, within the last year, two years, actually year and a half even Netflix has dabbled their foot in vod, not through their own platform, but by agreeing to license, I think it was their show, narcos season one on Pluto TV. And so their intent, right, is they look at probably the behavioral makeup of Pluto TV and they’re kind of subscribers. Who’s watching that may have noticed a gap in their own outreach with their audience. And are trying to drive folks back to the Netflix app to be able to watch subsequent seasons of narcos. I think that’s the strategy. The ultimate play there is to get folks back to the see platform and becoming a monthly paid subscribers. I think there’s another model. I’ll give you an example of a much smaller one with hallmarks streaming platform. And so they had a great deal to see product hovering right around, I believe, about a million subs. Their end goal might be simultaneously to drive folks that need to see platform, but also just as an additional revenue model. Right and having that 55 45 split, whatever it might be on associated revenues from ads watched on a lot of those fast channels. The fast channel, specifically on Samsung, on roku, are just incredibly powerful right now. They’re growing by leaps and bounds in addition to all of the more household names within the VOD space like touby and Pluto and zummo. So I think that’s how that data kind of correlates together.