Revedia Tutorial: Dashboard and Analytics


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Let’s look at some of the visualizations that are available in the Revedia dashboard. You can look at Monthly, Last Year, or YTD metrics. In Revenue Details, quickly toggle between Net and Gross Revenue, and compare revenue across your different FAST channels: FAST Movies, FAST News, compare revenue trends over time, compare across platforms, across channels, really understand how your revenue is performing. Scroll down. look at performance details within the Channel Comparison report. Choose between Impressions, Sessions, MAUs, Plays, and Revenue. You can look at performance over the Current Month, Last Month, Current Year, or Last Year. And see how each platform is contributing to that specific metric across your FAST channels. Looking now at Channel-level metrics, go into a specific channel such as FAST Movies, and look at those insights. Customize the timeline for any date that’s applicable to your business. See how Amazon is comparing to Tubi, for example, within this channel. Navigate now to Platform-level metrics. Look at Gross Revenue over the Prior Year. Take a look at Amazon, how is Amazon performing over time? Customize the timeline to the date range that’s most applicable to your business. See your Year to Date revenue, You can compare by channel – how is FAST News trending compared to FAST Weather over time for Amazon? You can look at Minutes Viewed data, Sessions data, Plays. Look at all of these visualizations. Analyze and really understand all of these metrics. Navigate to Transactions, see how Gross and Net Revenue are trending over time here as well.