Revedia Reporting Capabilities



Reporting on the financial and functional performance of your business is paramount. Which titles resonate best with audiences? Are you being properly compensated by distributors? How is customer behavior changing? With the Revedia platform’s extensive and powerful reporting tools at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to understand your customers, distributors, and content.

From executive-level dashboards to detailed custom reports, Revedia meets the needs of every stakeholder in your organization.

Quickly share and export your reports to assure that everyone has access to the right information in the right format at the right time. Revedia’s powerful predictive analytics dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of your revenue forecasts. Because Revedia processes data in real time, there’s no need to manually update your forecasting model as variables change. Automatically determine how factors like distributor performance, content popularity, and customer behavior affect future performance.

You can also use forecasting to validate existing models and model new scenarios. Reporting on your business is one thing, but understanding your business takes more than just raw numbers. Revedia comes preloaded with user-friendly templates and easy-to-understand data visualizations from accounting reports like month end close to content reports like transactions per promotional period.

Revedia eliminates the hassle of calculating, formatting, and explaining your data so you can get to acting on it right away.

Reporting is never one size fits all. The questions that you need to answer about your business can change by the minute. That’s why Revedia allows you to create custom reports using robust filters. Segment your data by variables such as time period, distributor, region, title, promotional period, and more. Whether you license content to other services or provide direct-to-consumer streaming, Revedia’s powerful reporting capabilities are the best way to understand and optimize your revenue.

So schedule a custom demo to see how much easier reporting is with Revedia.