Revedia Linear for MVPD Audits



So as we click here into the revenue screen, we see our audits by audit period and MVPD or distributor. We see our total variance. What was resolved and what was collected? These are user inputs. Sometimes these are simply tracked in a notebook or on a post-it note. And you don’t know what happened three years ago. Oh my gosh, we got this finding. I don’t remember what I did or what the impact was. This way, you can absolutely see those details. You can identify those granular variances associate amount that was collected. Tag it and then make a note on it. And the importance here is as you put more data into the system, the smarter it’s going to be and it’s going to be able to provide those insights of last year, the same finding happened. This is what you did. We feel confident that this is a collectible or a hard finding. Additionally, as I go back utilizing that audit data to see those trends, how is it trending? What’s the seasonal impact? Is it? Why is it different in March than it is in april? What’s happening being able to drill down and really dissect this information at a granular level in different variances and BP and services really allowing the user to kind of drill down and see that information? You get those audit reports. There are hundreds of pages. It’s hard to get this level of insight from that. With revenue insights, you can do that. Similarly, as we go into the subscribers, we can really drill down into penetration and see what is our what’s our target penetration? How can we expand our subscriber base or in the case that you don’t want it expanded, maybe because it’s a premium or something like that? Where are you at? Are you on target again being able to capture all that information and view all of that information dynamically across multiple audit periods over time, multiple MVPDS and finally within audits, really being able to go into that granularity, see those audits up front, go into that very granular audit detail and really at this point, search. Make sure it’s searchable and determine is it an overall sweeping issue or is it maybe just limited to a specific region or a specific carriage?