Revedia Tutorial: Data Ingest


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Let’s look at how to ingest files into Revedia. Let’s ingest a Plex file, for example. This particular file supports a number of fields including Partner ID or Channel, Impressions, Revenue, CPM, Requests, and Fill Rate. Let’s ingest this file, it’s about five hundred rows of data. First, let’s validate the configuration. The configuration is set, everything maps, so let’s ingest this file. Click “Import file.” Select the file that you want to ingest. Select the Plex platform, select the Plex configuration that we just reviewed, associate the month, and click “next” to ingest. We’re now ingesting, and there are four steps: File Pre-processing, Data Import, Data Transformation, and Data Aggregation. The goal is to bring those five hundred rows of data into something that’s a little more consumable within the Revedia interface. The ingest is now done, and the four steps completed successfull, with 73 records processed and 0 exceptions.