Revedia Linear Dashboard Overview



So as we see, we have our dashboard view, this is our customizable dashboard that can be customized by user persona with user defined notifications, so you can see when a new payment an audit is upcoming, a claim is outstanding. And as we kind of go through here, we see our last month build revenue, last month billed subscribers. What’s our current year revenue projection and how are we trending? How do we compare to kind of what we originally thought, maybe the beginning of the year and how many agreements are set to expire at the end of this year? And where do we stand with that? As we look here at the top financial and top non-financial insights, this is really related to your audit data. So capturing those top financial insights of what’s collectible, what’s a real variance that I can go to that MVPD and say or distributor and say, you owe me this money, that’s really important. It’s also important to say, where are they not doing it? Maybe it doesn’t go into a finding of $1 value, but they owe money or they owe something in the negotiation. We can shore up our negotiations and arm ourselves better.