Predict and Prevent Subscriber Churn



You’re talking of hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions of records of data high as a human, I can’t see a burgeoning trend. I can’t see that Mark’s behavior is changing for good or bad. Right I’m probably dealing at a human level with laws of averages or aggregate summary data. So really, the only way to truly be proactive in your engagement with the subscribers is through that AI engine who can detect even the most minor change in behavior, because really consistency is King understanding that if is, Mark’s behavior on this platform is unchanging, unwavering week on week, month on month. That is the ideal situation, understanding that his time on the platform is going down by 5. That’s something that humans are not going to catch at a personal level. And it’s something that software it can then extrapolate a whole variety of other data sets to then suggest why. And then project out of the volume of different kind of forward forecasted outcomes. And then tell you what to do about it. So how do you get proactive? I mean, it really starts at the data, but it does require technology and automation to detect that trend or that potential outcome as early as possible in.