Revedia Tutorial: FAST Platform Configuration


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Let’s look at how to easily configure platforms in Revedia. First, let’s look at the configuration that’s been set up. You can compare what appears in the column header to the Revedia name. If you need to make any modifications to this configuration, you can do so by clicking on the edit button. Here, you can edit any of the mappings. Edit what appears in the file, as well as what appears in the Revidia Universal Schema. Instead of editing an existing configuration, you can also add a new configuration. Let’s add Plex, for example. Select FAST as the revenue model, select Plex as the platform, select the region, select the ingest period, select the status, now link that file. Pull in the file that we received from Plex, now do the mapping. Here you can map content to channel names. You can see all the Revedia Universal Schema fields that could be mapped. Save that configuration. Once your configuration is created, it’s ready for ingest.