How to Manage OTT “Service Hoppers”



So the DNC or the consumer businesses have been about acquisition recently and want to bring in the subscribers regardless of age really, and the focus is now is changing to retention. They want to keep those subscribers watching that service. How do we keep the subscriber? How do we bring them back if they do leave after they watch the show? So it’s the notion of free subscriptions with the news service. Back to the content. Your research shows that 26% of those who cancel ABC service report doing so because they finish watching the shows that they liked. So they went to the service, they watched the show, they finished it or they paid for a month. And then they left the thinking. The service providers are thinking beyond retention to lifetime value. They want to keep you around as long as they can, forever if they can. And now that consumers are going to turn once, twice, maybe three times in the same year on that same platform. How do we adapt? Like I mentioned earlier, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’ve just got to think about how do we kind of plant that took care of it out there to get that one subscriber to come back to watch something else. So they’re using the learnings of churn to attract the right customers to begin with and segmenting those audiences to learn who canceled, but also who stayed on and attracted more of those customers.