Licensing Content to AVOD? Negotiate Data Rights.



Well, you know, it varies by company, right, because for some additional platform to monetize their content assets for some, Avon is an appetizer right there, licensing their content to Avon. They’re creating their own vod platforms with a main goal and intent of driving these consumers back to a direct to consumer kind of paid subscription. Right so, you know, when you think of what does it take to succeed? Right you know, ad technology, it’s advance. But what’s missing is kind of a 360 degree view of that customer outside the ad platform interactions content owners just strive to at the very beginning as they’re negotiating just their content partner agreement, trying to negotiate, gathering as much data rights as they can. Right in their renewals or in their initial licensing deals. Know data is the oxygen to help make AML strategies work. And then making sure you’ve got data platforms that can quickly ingest, learn from, analyze and make predictions on that data.