The Latest Trends in OTT



If you’re a subscriber, if consumer or a viewer, the choice is infinite, the amount of content you can get, it is incredible. And again, at price points that you’d be surprised about, the challenge for them is different than the big guys that we’ve talked about. There is so much data that is part of these services that some of these entities are equipped to provide. They have teens or the leverage companies like Symphony media. And there are others where they just say it’s we love offering the service. We have very loyal subscribers. But it’s painful for us just to understand everything because we just don’t have the wherewithal to do it from the payment information to the playback information to authentication to even to try to predict the revenue. It just it just flies by that and and they’re just trying to stay above water. So I think choice will continue to be almost infinite. I think we’re still going to see consolidation. I think we’re going to learn more about turning subscribers and not necessarily being a bad thing that we have to. It’s almost a subset of churn. How do we wrangle the customer who comes and goes effectively? So and then what that means is if I’m a programmer, I want to send very, very prescriptive messages to Matt Smith and Elizabeth parks relative to what they watched on my service and relative to their genre and the things that they like.