How Top Media Companies Will Leverage AI This Year



We’re lucky in the fact that we have a pretty robust data science team that we leverage. And they’re giving a lot of ideas on ML and AI. I think the next phase for us right now, we’re doing the root cause analysis. And then the drivers, right? So that’s a big step in the right direction. But then beyond that, it’s going to be what I call advanced automated insights. So why do users need to come in and dig into data on why traffic is increasing or declining? We should give them clearer signals on this. So advanced automated insights, as an example would be this particular segment of users on Yahoo Finance who clicks on these articles, who adds a stock quote ticker to their portfolio, is increasing by 5x more than your other users. This particular segment who clicks on these type of provider articles is declining more so than usual, so providing kind of a reference point and showing them that kind of data narrative. And then imagine clicking into that statement and then you can do further analysis.