Why Aggregating OTT Content Performance Data Is So Difficult



We understand and we’ve built out the process to look at data, look at big data and especially as your content is being distributed across multiple platforms and multiple distribution partners. The data collection gets pretty complex very quickly. The amount of data that’s being collected on content that’s distributed through these platforms on performance, on revenue generation, on things like content consumption from the regional perspective. These are all data points that are being collected by the distribution partners and Fed back into the content providers. And as that data is being collected, you can whether you’re a new player in the space and you’re just starting out and going for this B2C or Ott service out of the gate, or you’re one of the big networks that are distributing their content all over the world through various platforms. And these libraries of content get rather large. And when you’re talking Tens of thousands of assets being distributed to 20, 30, 40, 50 different distribution partners, the data collection isn’t. It becomes just by sheer size. It becomes not only a critical part of the operation, but a difficult one.