How to Evaluate AVOD, FAST, and Other Ad-Supported Revenue Models



Companies are trying to figure out, you know, is a vod and fast channels. Do they have a place for us to complement our VOD platforms and so forth? So I think that’s something that companies are know we’re seeing in real time with like Max announcing later this year, next month that they’re launching their ad supported platform. But behind the scenes, having a system, having systems in place that can take in all of this data from these different data sources, normalize that data, make sense of it, build to offload to different business units within those companies with the marketing to actually execute on those kind of lifecycle marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and with advertising. It’s not about acquiring a customer, obviously, just to get them to be paying monthly. It’s going from an hour and 15 minutes of viewership a day to, you know, an hour and 30 minutes, because the average advertising runtime. Right, is ranges anywhere from like the low end 3 to the high end, like eight minutes of ad time an hour with a lot of these avod and fast channels. So the more time that I’m watching you better, more and more CPMS, more ads consumed and more revenue made from all the different companies. So that in those systems in place to be able to manage it make sense. All that data will be.