How to Act on Data




It depends on what you’re trying to act on, so in some cases, you can ask a very simple question, get a very simple answer, but ultimately, you’ve got to get down to the why. Why is market risk? Why is this content performing better than that content? How will this content better address your customer acquisition strategies? And so kind of acting on it is really the symptom of the great technology you’ve got at your core and AI engine that can really distill the why when you’re talking about a huge breadth of data. And in some cases, hopefully in many the software, the technology can actually give you the why. And then a prescriptive action on what to do to act on it. And so that could speak to content acquisition as well as customer acquisition as well as customer retention. So in an ideal world, and this is possible with today’s technology tools and technology is telling you are giving you guidance on how to act on something, but you’ve got to get to the wire first.