How OTT Data Can Improve Product Development & The User Experience



One of the things that can kind of contribute to turn right is the interactivity of the consumers with the applications themselves. How quickly how many clicks does it take across the carousels to get access to content? I think to kind of not at this point the UX UI on having folks access multiple, multiple devices at once. That’s going to be key. Because the application itself will be a little bit different on different device manufacturers, different TV manufacturers out there, phone manufacturers out there. And you got to know where you want to put a lot of your time and energy. Right? because when you look at your consumption, mobile phone consumption, if you look at like the last decade comparing mobile phone consumption to like traditional TV consumption, it’s crazy. It’s almost literally the same, roughly like 44% of screen time across both. Right with TV kind of inching along and beating mobile a little bit. So ensuring that you’ve got the right kind of strategy in place and knowing where to put a lot of your UI and UX design development hours and think is really key.