Data Workflow for OTT Video Content Analysis



That first step of data collection is where we look to set the foundation of our services. And it’s through that data collection that we start looking at the performance of the content. Look at the payment payments that are being processed, the agreements that are made between the content owner and the distribution partner on how the content is being distributed. So now today we have many choices on our or DTC services, from subscription on demand to transactional premium content on demand advertising on demand, right? There’s all these different models and those agreements are going to dictate how that revenue is collected and how the revenue is shared between the distribution partner and the content owner. And then there’s the back end Royalty process. So in order to really understand the true value of your content, not only do you have to have it understand the performance and the revenue collection on that content, but then how much do I owe on the back end? And who do I owe it to? And at that point, then you can start to realize what the value of that content is after you’ve determined how much you paid for it, how much you made from it. We really get that true sense of what that value looks like. So through that data collection, we’ve been able to work with some of the big players here. You’ll see on the left and done several integrations and in being able to collect data in the disparate formats that it’s being reported from these different distribution partners, mapping that data into our data service and then using this data to start building, building applications and building reports in the logic behind things like content projection and payment processing. There’s, you know, managing these agreements you hit on that map. Managing the agreements is not an easy task, especially when we’re not just talking about bundled services, we’re talking about different payment payment terms at different promotional rates. Things get pretty complex. And breaking that down and being able to compare and contrast the performance of that. Those agreements becomes pretty important for the future of the business.