Data Builds Subscriber Relationships



So I think one of the biggest opportunities is to actually build a personal relationship with naimark, an individual subscriber. Right so I’ve been in this industry for quite some time back on the broadcast and. Well, in your days as how I kind of cut my teeth and you had to, by virtue of the medium kind of address a segment and you could group and you could sub-group and you could do all kinds of pivots there. But you’re still talking to one too many. Right and I think one of the biggest opportunities. I present is for those same organizations or for new digital players to actually have a relationship with me. Know what I like to watch and perhaps as importantly, if not more importantly, when and how I like to watch it, that level of data fidelity really just strengthens that relationship and builds upon the loyalty that we’re all endeavoring to have. Obviously, there’s a lot that goes into everything I just said, but really that one to one relationship is by far, I believe, the largest opportunity for the media and entertainment.