Common Misconceptions about Data Analysis



I think one of the biggest misconceptions with data and a user that has not used structured data in the past is that if I use structured data, I can find the smoking gun to my problem. And a lot of times it’s not the case, right? Like a lot of times that the analogy I use is like, it’s like a piece of the puzzle. And even with ML models, it’s a piece of the puzzle. And then as you build the puzzle through your different avenues of data, you kind of make an informed judgment on the solution. There isn’t this, you know, hey, you use this particular ML model or you use this dashboard by Mark and you’ll find the answer to what you’re looking for. Now, hopefully, we’re providing some of those answers and insights, for sure. But there are some problems that require a layered approach and for you to look at a lot of data sources and make a sound judgment based on that.