Build a Data-Driven Team



At a base level, obviously, you’ve got the data science persona, someone who knows. And has been trained how to deal with millions and millions of records of data. Get it formalized, formatted, and then the data integrity strong. But the thing that I think is missing in many cases is some kind of industry awareness and both then an innate sense of what to ask and do with that data, as well as how to use that data for a forward strategy. So as an example, I know of a couple of organizations where they had really super smart technical people, great data science teams, set up a lot of business rules within their infrastructure that were kind of making some challenging decisions. And that I mark, just subscribe for an annual subscription. But I didn’t want to be billed a year later when I’d forgotten about it. So I uncheck the auto renew flag and then suddenly I’m getting all these small. There’s a risk and Mark’s going to turn and we love you. And please come back. I mean, that’s where the industry knowledge really critical to actually developing a great strategy.