Why Citizen Data Science Matters in 2022

BlogJan 15, 2022

Joe Mancini


The media and entertainment market is increasingly shifting to the data-driven decision-making models now common in other industries. The events of 2020 sped up this trend, increasing the pressure to understand and interpret data — interpret being the key word.

OTT services are attracting viewers whose specific interests and habits can be tracked in ways that were never before possible. The providers that can most quickly analyze data and produce insights to build forward stability will succeed. Which is why media and entertainment companies need to embrace the citizen data scientist.

Historically, data scientists were the only people who could interpret the kind of data that OTT generates. But now, with widely deployable and accessible enterprise artificial intelligence (AI), business users can use the skills they already have, in combination with technology, to harness data intelligence. And luckily, these citizen data scientists are usually already part of your organization.

Citizen data science could be the distinction between a media or entertainment company that keeps up with the competition and one that falls behind in 2022. Learn more about the role that these people can play in the recent piece I wrote for TVNewsCheck.