Who Will Rule the Streaming Media Landscape?

BLOGFeb 05, 2021

Mark Moeder


While the COVID-19 pandemic has driven upheaval in the way consumers engage with digital content, it’s still not clear who will come out on top. Streaming subscribers are still actively deciding which video, music, and gaming platforms they want to pay for. But their choices appear to be narrowing, as I recently discussed in my article for TV Technology.

Some digital content leaders are not waiting to find out if their organizations have made the cut. They’re are piling into digital technologies that track internal finances and external market forces in real time. They’re pivoting strategies as quickly as new trends are detected and predictive forecasting reveals where consumers will head next. For these organizations, unprecedented quality of insight is now accessible from the front office to the back; distributor audits, subscriber data management, and content performance measurement (to name a few) are transforming from resource-intensive tasks to valuable differentiators.

This new establishment of data-minded executives understands that in the post-COVID landscape, revenue growth is as much about content quality as it is about data quality. We don’t yet know who will rule the new media landscape, but we know what will rule it: digital intelligence.