To Win AVOD, Look to Data Operations

BlogJan 11, 2021

The media and entertainment business in 2021 will be defined by companies that successfully overcame 2020’s shakeup. Take a look at AVOD.

The value of the AVOD market is projected to reach nearly $14 billion in the next four years. Though cord-cutting was underway long before COVID-19 appeared, the pandemic hastened the shift to OTT streaming services – and highlighted why content owners are turning to AVOD to monetize content. The pandemic pushed more viewers to streaming platforms, both because people were stuck at home and because live events were no longer happening. It was a blow to cable revenue streams, and an opportunity to compensate with the power of data.

For content owners that want a piece of this AVOD pie, it’s critical to discern what subset of data matters. Subscription rates, consumption habits, and user demographics must be easy to analyze and act on. It’s the only way to remain competitive.

In my recent article for Television Business International, I share strategies for IP owners to unlock value from AVOD data. Data normalization is a crucial first step, but it doesn’t end there. Media and entertainment organizations would do well to review current data processes and optimize intelligence to make the most of the AVOD opportunity.