Revedia: Revolutionizing the Revenue Process

BLOGJul 03, 2020

Joe Mancini


Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and think back to how television was consumed back in the ‘90s. What content was available? When could you watch it? What devices could you watch on? Pretty limited, right? Now fast forward to today where you can watch nearly anything, in any format, anytime and anywhere. Content distribution is no longer a point-to-point service. The evolution of media distribution and consumption is growing at such a rapid pace that consumers struggle to keep up. 

For the consumer the breadth of available content and platform choices is overwhelming. For programmers and content owners, distributing your content to the right place at the right time is about survival. 

Symphony MediaAI has been providing revenue and audit services to the media industry for nearly 40 years. In that time, we have seen the relationships between content programmers and the content distribution partners change, and it continues to evolve. Yet the services to ensure that content revenue is reaching its full potential and that no dollar is left unaccounted for has remained the same, until now. 

Maximize your content value by tracking it better

To ensure that the content owners and programmers are maximizing the full value of their content distribution, they must track content revenue using solutions that are as advanced as the technology used to distribute the content itself. Symphony MediaAI understands these challenges better than anyone because we sit at the crossroads of both the programmers and the distribution partners. This experience is what has enabled us to develop the next generation of revenue management in a SaaS platform that will evolve your revenue tracking process to the next level.

The Revedia SaaS platform for revenue management and insights

The Revedia SaaS platform transforms the way in which programmers manage and track transactions down to the subscriber level. The capabilities offered on the Revedia platform automate the traditional revenue management process by offering a wide range of services, including:

  • Centralized agreement storage and tracking
  • Monthly agreement invoicing
  • Accounting close periods
  • Programmer and distribution partner relationship management
  • Signal Management
  • Audit tracking

With the launch of our latest capabilities, Revedia provides automated and robust storage of agreement data, making tracking and forecasting a click of a button. 

Revedia provides results that go beyond the process improvements. With historical and live data sources now at your fingertips, the platform provides high-value insights to recover missed revenue opportunities and improve the future value of your content. 

The Revenue platform from Symphony MediaAI harnesses agreement and audit data to produce actionable, revenue improving results across markets, subscribers, distribution partners and more. 

To learn more about how to evolve your revenue management process to align with the growing and demanding media industry, please contact us.