Enterprise AI is Key to London Screenings Negotiations

BlogMar 05, 2021

Mark Moeder


At this year’s virtual London Screenings, data-driven insights are front and center for distributors negotiating complex licensing deals (which is anyone distributing content today).

Distribution has changed drastically since last year’s event. Average OTT consumption jumped 15% in the UK, exceeding 300 minutes per day. AVOD is exploding, with over 80% of UK consumers willing to exchange ad views for free content. A full 88% of Europeans plan to sustain or increase current AVOD consumption levels, versus just 24% for SVOD and 30% for Live TV, according to IAB.

If these statistics aren’t lighting a fire under distributors, they’re falling behind. The proliferation of data that comes from this widespread shift will yield new revenue insights. Just as important, it will reveal what consumers plan to do next. To monetize consumer trends, distributors need systems of intelligence to manage and analyze the volume of data that contains the insight necessary to do so.

Enterprise AI is the most cost-effective and efficient way to attain these insights. It’s also the only truly scalable solution. Using AI’s predictive capabilities, distributors can adapt content, distribution, and subscriber engagement strategies in real time. They can pinpoint segments of viewers likely to lead to churn and identify tactics to keep them interested. They can predict which platforms will be most profitable. And they can do it all without hiring more data scientists, integrating point solutions, or building custom tools.

As I examine further in my piece for C21 Media, distributors that incorporate AI will realize the greatest benefits from deals set in motion by the London Screenings.