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Drive organizational performance with world-class artificial intelligence

Industry Breakthrough

The leading enterprise AI platform is now available to media and entertainment

The Revedia platform is built by media and entertainment experts and powered by the world’s most advanced AI platform. Developed by our parent company SymphonyAI, the patented Eureka AI engine is the result of more than a decade of DARPA-funded Stanford University research. It combines machine learning, topological data analysis, and statistical and geometric algorithms to uniquely tackle your most pressing revenue challenges.

Your entire organization, from database architects to business users, can finally take advantage of the greatest insight your data has to offer.


Proven state-of-the-art enterprise AI


AI patents held


Invested in innovation


World Economic Forum Most Unbiased Platform

AI 100

CB Insights Winner


Democratize AI

Empower domain experts with data-driven insight, regardless of data science expertise

Maximize data

Quickly gather key insights and tap powerful data exploration via sophisticated ML capabilities

Scale value quickly

Accelerate end-to-end data science with automatic ML process and easy data ingest and normalization

Get actionable insights

Find previously unknown patterns and reveal trends that are hidden to other techniques

Justify outcomes

Model decisions are clearly explained and visualized to build consensus and understanding among decision-makers

Easily integrate

Upstream or downstream, on-premise or cloud: our platform integrates with your existing systems to maximize input and output

Revedia Platform Overview


Enterprise AI Features


Topological data analysis (TDA)

Enterprise-ready TDA modeling features are highly performant and fully scalable so you can fully capitalize on the value of messy real-world data.

Visualize an entire dataset without losing its relevant characteristics

Increase the accuracy of algorithm selection and correct assumption errors

Minimize the possibility of missing critical insights


Unsupervised machine learning

Market-leading unsupervised ML simultaneously analyzes data from countless angles to materialize unknown answers to unasked questions

Derive insight from heterogenous data

Simultaneously analyze data from multiple algorithmic angles

Detect even the weakest data signals in your data


Supervised machine learning

Supervised (and semi-supervised) ML and statistical analysis enhance predictive capabilities in combination with unsupervised machine learning and TDA.

Address specific business questions

Construct new predictive models


Data normalization

Ingest and analyze heterogenous data form multiple sources

Unlabeled, unstructured, incomplete, or weak signal

Noisy, high dimensional, and multi-modal

Sequential, structured, and labeled

Use Cases

M&E business applications

Unlike open-source and out-of-the-box solutions, our AI is built to problem-solve within your exact revenue model

Segmentation and event series

Prediction and recommendation

Trends and forecast

Anomaly and hotspot detection

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