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AI and human-powered solutions surface critical revenue risks and opportunities while minimizing guesswork, manual work, and resource constraint

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To Win AVOD, Look to Data Operations


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A powerful engine for your data-driven business

Symphony MediaAI’s award-winning AI technology and over 30 years of client success are everything you need to manage, analyze, and capture the value of your data across multiple revenue streams and stakeholders.

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Symphony MediaAI is the leading provider of revenue optimization solutions in media and entertainment. Together with our clients, we are transforming enterprise intelligence.


Customer retention rate


AI patents held


Data security compliant


Revenue audited annually


Subscribers managed


Market penetration


Improve decision-making

Next-generation AI technology recommends actions with the highest probability to improve financial outcomes based on precise, comprehensive, real-time data analysis.

Retention tactics driven by user behavior

Revenue trends and anomalies

Advanced alerts for key events


Optimize revenue

Revedia operates across every data format and revenue channel for a truly comprehensive growth strategy.

Mitigate revenue leakage and loss

Detect and prevent revenue threats

Maximize reach across platforms


Scale intelligence

Enable data-driven insight for every revenue stream, data source, and function in your operating model.

Empower business and technical users across domains

Aggregate, normalize, and analyze heterogenous data

Increase the value of existing technology investments


Drive efficiency

Automated software and expert service teams enhance revenue performance with maximum precision and speed.

Streamline data collection, reporting and analysis

Reduce strain on in-demand resources

Minimize manual errors


What our customers are saying

Symphony MediaAI constantly helps NBCU create new ways to more efficiently and effectively manage our operations. The OTT program is another example of the leadership and innovation that make Symphony MediaAI a key strategic partner in capturing value and positioning us for future success.

Steve Grau
Vice President, Finance, Content Distribution

Our decision to transition over to Symphony MediaAI’s Revedia Revenue Management SaaS solution has proven wise not only from a data quality and visibility perspective, but also a cost perspective. We have reduced software licensing and IT costs and eliminated the headache of having to manage a software solution on our network. In short they have simplified the complicated.

Aries Massaro
Director, NFL Network Distribution